Tips To Know About Breeding Pigs

If you're interested in breeding pigs, you'll need to learn some helpful hints, for the health of the animals and the success of your business. You'll need to learn all about getting the sows pregnant, tracking the pregnancy, and caring for the piglets after they are born. This article will go into detail about these points, so that you can then get in touch with a set of professionals who can help you out further. 

Be Meticulous When Mating Your Pigs

The biggest research you must do for successful breeding revolves around mating practices of your pigs. First, you will need to decide whether you plan to breed them naturally or through artificial insemination. If breeding your pigs naturally, you will need to strike the proper balance between the males and females and prepare for mating areas. These mating areas should be conducive to comfortable courtship with the pigs that ends in successful mating. If you opt for artificial insemination, you'll need to purchase or create a fake sow and collect semen samples, or order semen from a company for between $25 and $250. Be mindful of proper storage so that the artificial insemination is successful. 

Verify The Pregnancy

It will sometimes take a few mating cycles to successfully impregnate your pigs, but once this happens, you'll need to be able to verify the pregnancy. The best way to do this is by paying between $50 and $500 in order to get an ultrasound. A pig ultrasound is so important because pigs give birth to large litters and because of their stature, it can be difficult to verify a pregnancy based on physical appearance alone. From here, you can take a step forward in getting your pigs the health care that they will need to get through the pregnancy and beyond. 

Hire A Credible Veterinarian

Once your pig gives birth to a litter, it is critical that you have veterinarians available to keep both the mother and piglets healthy. The more healthy, surviving young pigs you have, the greater the return on your investment. A quality veterinarian can be there to monitor all phases, from diagnosis and pre-natal care to birth and providing the young with weaning and vaccinations. Doing business with an animal doctor you can trust is foundational to successfully breeding pigs. 

After understanding these three tips, be sure to touch base with professionals if you require further assistance.