Decorating Your Wheelchair To Ride In A Parade

Power wheelchairs (such as those from Jay Hatfield Mobility) are great for those that need to use a wheelchair to get around. There are controls that will do the work of moving in the directions that you wish, without the hassle of trying to move the wheels yourself. You can go forward and in reverse. They really are a help for those that need them. If you are adventurous, consider using a wheelchair to participate in a town parade. Here are some ideas that you can use for decorating your power wheelchair.

Make Your Wheelchair Into A Small Vehicle

You can use a large cardboard box to slip over yourself to try to make yourself look as if you are riding in a vehicle. Cut out holes for the windshield and side windows so you can peek your face out and give a hearty wave to spectators. Paint the box in any color and add emblems and a fake license plate on the back. Don't forget your fuzzy dice!

Your motorized wheelchair will guide you through the parade path with no trouble at all. You can even be one of those candy-throwing vehicles that children await when they watch parades! Just put a bowl of candy on your lap and toss them out of your window area.

Promoting A Cause

If you are involved in a group for handicapped people, consider getting the word about your involvement in the organization by decorating your wheelchair to gain attention. Make a large sign with the website information and phone number included in the wording. Glue it to a piece of cardboard so it is stable. Attach this sign to a large pole that you can tape to the interior of the back of your wheelchair. You will be leaning on the pole, so make sure to place a blanket behind you for comfort. 

Dress as a clown or a superhero to grab the attention from people watching the parade. This is a great way to get people in your community involved by informing them of the existence of the group so they might make donations to the cause.

A Holiday Parade

Dress your wheelchair up to look like a chimney. Place a cardboard box painted in a brick pattern on top of your lap. Dress yourself up as Santa Claus. Use cotton around the top of the box to look like snow. Put a tape recorder or compact disk player on your lap with festive holiday music playing.

Use streamers to string through the wheels of your wheelchair so that they give an illusion of red and green spinning decoration. You can have a few friends walk with you that are dressed as elves. Ask to be at the end of the parade so that children walk away with a smile on their face. This idea can be used even if it is a summer parade, to remind children that Santa is watching year-round.