How a knee scooter could change your mobility

After a lower leg injury, be it foot, ankle or otherwise, it can be hard to get around. Staying home and resting is what the doctors recommend, but that doesn't always work out the way that it should. Crutches are an option, but they tend to hinder your movement and make it harder to walk. So what other option do you have? Well, a new method for getting around with a lower leg injury has been revealed. Knee scooters are a new way to ensure mobility without extra stress on the injured limb.

What is a knee scooter?

A knee scooter is a 3- to 4-wheeled scooter that has a pad that can be adjusted to support your injured leg. This allows you to kneel on the pad with one leg and push yourself around without putting extra stress on your injured leg. The structure of the scooter allows it to be adjusted as much as need be to support the differing heights of people who may be using it, as well as to switch between the left and right leg.

Benefits over crutches

Knee scooters have definite benefits over crutches. For starters, knee scooters are more able to maneuver over varied terrain. Because they are wheeled, they have better traction on hardwood surfaces, but are light enough that they are able to roll over carpet. Being outdoors with a knee scooter is also considerably easier than crutches. Scooters made by a company like KneeRover are even more all-terrain, and the wheels are tough and durable. Crutches on the other hand are notoriously hard to work with on anything else but solid flat surfaces.

Price worth the benefits?

The price of a knee scooter is higher than the price of crutches, but you are paying for durability, ease of use, mobility, and less stress on the limb. Crutches are simply not as durable as a knee scooter. Rolling on wheels is much easier than lugging yourself around on crutches, especially if you are a larger person or don't have as much strength in your body. Knee scooters also have a wider range of mobility, being able to roll along on uneven ground and stones as opposed to crutches which aren't as easy to maneuver. Finally, there is a lot less stress on the limb that is injured if you use a knee scooter, as you do not have to hold it up when you move. Instead it is supported by the pad and out of the way of any other possible injuries.