Medical Equipment Caregivers Need For Lowering Their Risk Of Injury

Taking care of a sick or elderly loved one can be physically draining. The physical exertion necessary for tasks like moving an immobile person into bed out of a chair or trying to get a loved one safely into the shower seat places stress on your body. The physically challenging aspects of caring for someone are a daily occurrence, and if you are not up to it, you could be placing your loved one and yourself at risk for serious illness or injury. Take a look at some of the medical equipment every caregiver needs to consider having at home.

When You Need A Helping Hand

The choices you make about medical equipment used for home health care are determined by your level of need. For example, if your loved one still has some mobility, you may not require a patient lift for putting him or her into bed. However, a lift chair in the living room is a good idea for helping someone get up after sitting. If your loved one retains some mobility, consider also the following equipment for making it easier on you both:

  • Walker: Walkers can provide invaluable support for getting your balance after standing up or while walking. Walkers offer more balanced support than a cane, helping to lower the risk of falling.

  • Handrails: Installing safety rails in your bath is a good idea for giving your loved something to hold on to while getting up and down off the toilet or into the bath. Many caregivers also install safety rails along hallways or beds as well.

Dealing With Complete Immobility

Getting someone that is unable to walk or move into bed or onto a potty seat can be hard your body, especially your back. When it comes to moving or lifting an immobile person, you may not always be in the position to properly lift for avoiding injury. For this extremely important reason, using a patient lift is a good idea. Your loved one's physician can help you learn more about the best way to get a lift brought to your home. Also, if you have not already, be sure to also learn how you can have home health care aids come to your home. Caregivers should always remember to take breaks and get away from their sick or elderly loved one for awhile. Doing so will allow you time to yourself and it gives your loved the chance to interact with people outside of the home.

Having medical equipment, like that sold by Corner Medical, can help you have an easier time caring for your loved one. In many cases, families are choosing to care for their sick or elderly at home in order to keep them out of nursing homes. Avoiding injuries while lifting or moving your loved one is smart.