Are You Living With Hip Pain Due To Osteoarthritis? Check Out Some Equipment You Need To Help You Stay Independent

Hip replacement surgery is one of the most common orthopedic procedures today for treating joints damaged by osteoarthritis. However, some people with hip joint problems may not, for various reasons, be able to go through surgery. If this sounds like you, check out some of the medical supplies and equipment you may need for making life easier.

Walkers Can Be A Lot of Support On Tough Days

You may experience sticking or stabbing pain after you stand up from a sitting position. You might also feel this kind of sharp pain in your hip joint when getting out of bed in the mornings. Your pain may be a lot worse on some days than on others. You may not want to get up or move around much because of the pain. A walker is the answer for getting around easier on the days your hip is touchy and painful. You can find lightweight walkers at most medical supply retailers. Be sure to take your time trying out any walker you are considering. Make sure your hands are comfortable when using it and make certain the feet are safely covered with only high quality rubber stops.

Raised Toilet Seats Can Help You Maintain Your Independence

Most adults do not feel comfortable asking for help to do things like getting up from the toilet. When you have advanced osteoarthritis in one or both of your hip joints, you may find standing up from the toilet without help hard to manage. Handrails and a raised toilet seat can make it easy to get up on your own. Being able to use the bathroom without help means the difference between you being independent or not. Your health care provider can help you make the best choices for medical equipment suppliers and installers in your local area.

Experience Less Pain Bathing With A Walk-In Bathtub

You may be surprised how many people with conditions like osteoarthritis in the hips end up in the emergency room with a broken hip or other injury because they slipped and fell while bathing. Some slip and fall accidents in the tub can be deadly. If you worry about falling because of your hip 'catching' and suddenly being painful, you should consider the installation of a walk-in bathtub. This type of tub is the best way to sit and enjoy your bath. The benefits of soaking in warm water are important for arthritis relief, so learning more about your options is a good idea for helping you better manage your condition.

If you worry about losing your independence to the immobility caused by osteoarthritis, ensuring you have the equipment and supplies necessary for living on your own is vital. Contact or visit a medical supply dealer near for learning more about the equipment you need.

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